Florall Awards Spring 2022

March 1, Once again, a professional jury awarded potentially interesting innovations. There were 13 entries, of which beautiful acquisitions. After an intensive deliberation phase, during which various aspects of the candidates were taken into account and weighed, the jury made the decision to award Gold for Primula acaulis ‘Rubens’ Antique rose. Leucothoe axillaris ‘Opstal55’ (Curly Gold) was awarded a silver medal, and Azalea Star Style® lila received Bronze. In its assessment, the jury gave consideration to the added value the new cultivars bring to the existing range of their species.


Primula acaulis ‘Rubens’ Antique rose - Rudy Raes Bloemzaden NV

'Rubens' is a double-flowered, late selection. The beautiful, dark green leaves form an attractive basis for the medium to large double flowers. Antique rose is a new pastel shade within this group.

The jury appreciated the innovative colour, the unique positioning and surprising scent of the flowers and the compact bloom form. The plant produces many flowers and the petals have fringes. Another added value is the firmness of the plant, which means that it can withstand wind and weather in the balcony boxes in spring.


Leucothoe axillaris ‘Opstal55’ (Curly Gold) - Boomkwekerij R. van Opstal

The young leaves of 'Opstal 55' (Curly Gold) are orange-red. As the leaf gets older, the colour changes. In addition to the colours, the twisted leaf shape is also special. 'Opstal 55' (Curly Gold) has a dense, compact habit and becomes about 60 cm high and 40 cm wide. This evergreen shrub does well in acidic, moist but well-drained soils and thrives in full sun as well as in partial shade.

According to the jury, the unique twisted leaf shape is the biggest plus. The leaf color and the discoloration towards autumn is another asset. The plant is also more robust and sturdy than other Leucothoe's. It is a cultivar that can be widely used in landscaping and the colours allow many combinations with other plants in the border.


Azalea Star Style® lila - Leybaert

This compact Azalea with elongated leaves and star-shaped flowers blooms profusely in spring and does best in sun or partial shade. The plant is very easy to care for and can tolerate temperatures down to -10°C. Star Style is about 50 cm high and is available in 3 colours (pink, lila and white).

The jury awarded the lila colour variant because the flower density and compactness were slightly better than the other colour variants. The fact that three colour variants are immediately available is a commercial added value. The flower and leaf shape are innovative within the species. Thanks to its winter hardiness, there are many possibilities for use as a patio plant.

Florall Awards Autumn 2021

The more flexible Covid measures made it possible to organise a physical autumn edition of Florall.

Once again, a professional jury awarded potentially interesting innovations. After an intensive deliberation phase during which various aspects of the candidates were taken into account, the jury made the decision to award Gold to Callicarpa bodinieri ‘Magical Snowqueen’. Cortaderia ‘Tiny pampa’ got a silver medal and Echinacea ‘SunSeekers Apple green’ received bronze.


Callicarpa bodinieri ‘Magical snowqueen’ - WILLY DE NOLF

This plant is especially suitable for borders. The jury emphasized the good growth, healthy leaves and the ability to branch easily as positive points. Although the flowering is not very spectacular, because the flowers are hidden between the leaves, the plant does offer a beautiful autumn colour. The great ornamental value is manifested after the leaves fall.

The berries continue to decorate the garden throughout the winter. Birds don’t like them, because they taste bitter. New to the Magical Snowqueen is that the berries are completely white, whereas most C. bodinieri's have purple berries. This also gives them opportunities for interior decoration and even to use some winter twigs in the own flower arrangements.


Cortaderia ‘Tiny Pampa’ - PLANTEN STEVENS VOF

This Cortaderia can be used as a houseplant but she also works well in the garden: from the terrace to the border. It has a very good shrubbery but remains very compact, and is also perfectly hardy. This plant is awarded for the new presentation: Planten Stevens now offers them in a large pot, so that the plant shows more its potential in the trade channels.

The jury was charmed by the decorative foliage and the flowers, which is very attractive even when they are not yet opened. The plant has potential for indoor decoration, but also for the terrace and certainly in the garden. It grows beautifully in clumps, is easy to maintain and can withstand drought.


Echinacea ‘SunSeekers Apple green’ - DSplant

The SunSeekers group distinguishes itself with a compact habit for Echinacea and with strong thick stems that branch profusely. They have semi-double flowers, where Echinacea usually has only one layer of petals. For example, the green flower somewhat resembles a gerbera. It lends itself well to home use as a cut flower in mixed bouquets. ‘SunSeekers Appele Green’ flowers from July to October. Also noteworthy is the hardiness, which is often a weak point with Echinacea.

The jury was charmed by the beautiful white-green colour, which is somewhat reminiscent of chicory leaves that received a little too much light. The flower bud is already attractive when it has not yet opened. It is a valuable Echinacea, which certainly enriches the range. It can be used on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden and as a cut flower. The sturdy stems and stocky growth are an added value.