The autumn edition of Florall on august 22 counted a total amount of 70 producers and twelve suppliers and export companies. A fairly complete range of green and flowering houseplants and all kinds of visually attractive plants was shown, often with multiple applications for the garden and patio, but also suitable for indoor use. There was confidence among the participants that it will be a decent autumn. There were many visitors from the Netherlands and abroad, with a remarkable number of visitors from Norway, Sweden, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.

A professional jury once again awarded potentially interesting novelties. There were 20 entries in the 'variety' category, an absolute record. A new concept was also awarded with 'Ceci n'est pas Une Rose'. The jury assessed climate and future resistance, distinctive character, added value within the current range, visual attractiveness and the general impression the novelty made on them. Gold went to: Buddleja Butterfly Candy® Little Ruby, which stood out because of its compact growth and ruby red flowers. The silver was for: Symphoricarpos chenaultii Fiesta Berry and the bronze for: Helleborus niger 'Winterfall'.

For the first time, visitors were also allowed to vote. The audience award went to Echinacea SunSeekers Sweet Fuchsia, a DS Plant entry.


CONCEPT: Ceci n’est pas Une Rose - Meerplant

The name may already sound a bit familiar, because during Florall in March, Rosa 'Green Summer'; one of the 3 varieties sold under this concept, was awarded gold as a new variety. At first sight this ground cover does not look like a rose. The small-flowered florets have been selected for their health, climate resistance, abundance of flowers, user-friendliness and beautiful colours. The jury appreciated that this concept emphasizes the use of roses as ground cover. These climate-resistant varieties can also do well on the patio, with the rose hips providing additional decorative value afterwards.


VARIETY Buddleja davidii ‘BotEx 006’ - Willy De Nolf

Brand name: Butterfly Candy® Little Ruby. The flowers have a light, sweet scent and are very attractive to butterflies and bees. The jury praised this compact, well-filled and richly flowering type, with striking ruby-red flowers, also for its climate resistance, biodiversity value and all-round application options. This plant fits in small gardens, but also in a pot on the terrace.


VARIETY Symphoricarpos chenaultii ‘Rant02’ - Boomkwekerij Antonissen (Groot Groen Plus)

Trade name: Fiesta Berry. Beautiful, compact cultivar with distinctive fine, variegated foliage. Healthy plants with a fresh appearance. The jury appreciated the very strong climate features of this plant. It can withstand both drought and wet conditions and is very disease resistant. The variegated drawing is stable and does not turn green. This entry also won silver at GrootGroenPlus 2022. This fair always submits 3 novelties for Florall.


VARIETY Helleborus niger ‘Winterfall’ - Helleborus

Winterfall is a compact helleborus whose flowers are clearly visible. The lot presented was very uniform. Very positive is that this variety blooms before Christmas. Besides in the garden, there are also possibilities on the terrace or balcony. The variety is very disease resistant.


VISITORS AWARD Echinacea SunSeekers Sweet Fuchsia - DSPlant

This variety won the hearts of visitors with its bright and vibrant fuchsia-pink petals. It stays short (up to 45 cm), thrives in sunny gardens and flower beds and adds a splash of colour to any outdoor space. It is also useful as a cut flower and attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators, adding to the ecological value of the garden.