FLORALL vzw Internal regulations (vs 08/2021)

FLORALL is the trade fair for the broad ornamental plant sector and trade and the arboricultural and landscaping sectors; fairs are organised in March (spring fair) and August (autumn fair).

In these internal regulations, the following terms are used with the following meanings, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Organiser: Florall vzw, with registered office at 9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem, Kortrijksesteenweg 1144 J company number 845.970.157 (tel +32 9 326 72 10, www.florall.be, info@florall.be)

Participant: any company that participates in the Florall trade fair (hereinafter 'the fair') and which is in a contractual relationship with Florall vzw.

Unless explicitly agreed in writing by Florall vzw, the applicability of any of the participant’s own terms and conditions is explicitly rejected. Any reference by the participant to its own terms and conditions will be disregarded.

By signing the registration form or using the online registration procedure, participants agree to adhere to these internal regulations. In cases not covered by these regulations, the organiser’s decision is binding. All participants undertake to comply with the organiser’s instructions and those of Waregem Expo (the exhibition centre manager, see www.waregemexpo.be) to enable the organisation of the fair to run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Participation, rates and discounts
  • Participation in the fair is only allowed after registration and receipt of a participants’ pass. Registration must be carried out via the standard registration form on the website. Registration and participation is tied to the participant’s company number and is therefore specific to the company and non-transferable. Participants must have paid all participation charges invoiced by the organiser prior to the start of the fair. Participants without a legally valid proof of payment will not be granted access. Any participant may be asked during the fair to present a participant’s pass. The organiser reserves the right not to accept a request to register without giving reasons.
  • Registration is possible up to and including 1. July 2021. Participants registering after this date will be charged an administrative fee of 150 euros in addition to the normal fee for the fair. In the event of cancellation of the registration no later than one month before the fair date, the participant will receive a refund of 50% of the registration fee. In the event of later cancellation, no part of the registration fee will be refunded.
  1. No sales allowed
  • The fair focuses on presentations of samples, and is not a sales fair. No plants may be sold or traded on or around the grounds of Waregem Expo before, during or after the fair.
  • All participants will be given the opportunity to present new products at the fair. These new products must, however, be mentioned when registering for the fair. The specific regulations of the FLORALL Awards apply to new products; these can be found at www.florall.be. Entry forms for the FLORALL Awards are available from the fair organisers up to 15. August 2021. Submissions made later than this date will not be eligible for the FLORALL Awards.
  1. Practical instructions and indication of participants in the catalogue and at the stand
  • The organiser is responsible for the arrangement of the stands and will assign a stand number to each participant. This stand number will also be mentioned alongside the participant in the catalogue. Every participant in the fair is required to be present at the stand/fair during the fair’s opening hours. Any participant who is absent from its stand without a valid reason may be charged an administrative fine (€100.00 excl. VAT). In the event of repeated absence, the organiser may refuse to allow the participant in question to participate in the fair.
  • Participants agree that their company details and assortment will be included in the catalogue. A list of participants (including company name and address) will also be placed on the website. Additional contact details of participating companies can also be included on FLORALL’s website.
  • The duration, start and end time and practical arrangements for the fair will be communicated by the organiser in advance to the participants. Participants are asked to take note of these practical arrangements. Late arrival or early packing up is disruptive to the other participants and to visitors and is therefore not allowed.
  • In order to gain a clear overview of visitors to the fair, the organiser will record the name and company of visitors at the reception desk. All visitors and participants must wear a visitor’s or exhibitor’s badge during the fair. Private visitors will be refused access.
  • All participants must display a clear sign with their name at their stand. In addition to the name of the company, this sign must also clearly show the company’s address, telephone number and email address or website. All participants are requested to have a price list available at the fair.
  1. Privacy policy
  • After the registrations have been closed, the list of participants will be published on the website of FLORALL and on social media with the aim of raising FLORALL’s profile and in professional journals for the ornamental plant sector (e.g. Sierteelt&Groenvoorziening).
  • Images taken at FLORALL may be used on FLORALL’s website or in publications about the fair.
  1. Lighting and electricity
  • The organiser will provides decent basic lighting in the hall(s) of Waregem Expo.
  • An electrical power connection to individual stands is available on request and incurs a separate charge payable to Waregem Expo (the exhibition centre manager).
  1. Clear-up and dismantling
  • All participants are responsible for clearing away their own stand. Participants are therefore required to remove all waste, packaging, plant waste, etc. at the end of the fair. Any additional fees charged by Waregem Expo (the exhibition centre manager) for the removal of waste will be invoiced directly to the participant responsible. The day after the fair, the exhibition hall must be clear by 9.00 am at the latest; if this is not the case all costs will be charged to the participant. 
  • Adhesive tape on the floor must be completely removed by the exhibitor. If this is not the case, the cleaning costs will be charged. Via FLORALL it is possible to order carpet in various colours. You can indicate this during registration.
  1. Liability
  • The organiser may not be held liable in any way for any theft or loss of or damage to items or goods that have been brought to the fair by or on behalf of the participants.
  • The organiser is not liable for damage if, due to serious circumstances beyond its control, all or part of the fair cannot be held.
  1. Insurance obligation on the part of the participant
  • All participants must arrange their own insurance cover for: 1) civil liability and 2) all risks ‘nail to nail’ for all goods brought to the fair, on the basis of their full value.
  • Participants may, if they wish, obtain cover under the insurance policies arranged by Waregem Expo (the exhibition centre manager).
  1. Smoking ban
  • The general smoking ban applies to all buildings of Waregem Expo (the exhibition centre manager).